Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters (Beijing, China)


From May 10 to 12, Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters has been held at the China’s National Stadium (Bird’s Nest). This event has been formally incorporated into the official event schedule of the Fédération Equestre Internationale and attracted top level riders. Longines has a long-lasting tradition and excellent experience in sports timekeeping. The famous Swiss watchmaker has cooperated with show-jumping competition for almost 90 years. Longines, which celebrates this year its 180th anniversary, became the title sponsor and official timekeeper of 2012 Longines Beijing Equestrian International Masters.

Sharing the values of elegance, precision and tradition, Longines and equestrian sports have a long-lasting history in common. Longines, which celebrates its 180th anniversary in 2012, was the title sponsor and official timekeeper of the Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters. This event has been formally incorporated into the official event schedule of the Fédération Equestre Internationale. It has attracted the famous rider Ludger Beerbaum, the father of German equestrianism, along with 12 top level riders representing 8 countries (Germany, UK, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Sweden and Switzerland) who competed with 20 excellent riders from China such as Li Zhenqiang, who took part in Beijing Olympics, and Zhu Meimei, a member of China national equestrian team.

On May 11, the opening ceremony of Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters was held in a bright night atmosphere in the Bird’s Nest. Xu Zhongyong, a piano master and renowned conductor, and Patric Looser, a renowned Swiss equestrian acrobat, amazed and charmed the audience. After that took place the steeplechase show, which was the first open-air one in Asia, enabling the audience to enjoy the wonderful performance of international riders.

On May 12, the finals of the Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters attracted thousands of people, including Longines Ambassador of Elegance Aaron Kwok, celebrities Dong Xuan, Viann, Zhang Xiaolong, Xiong Naijin, celebrity model Huang Xiaomeng and many more. They were all deeply impressed by the coordination between riders and horses. They discovered the art of equestrianism by trying equestrian costumes and approaching horses. The equestrian fashion show during the interval brought the atmosphere to a peak. The celebrity models wearing light cloth and feather hats integrating equestrian tradition and fashion wandered on the green land with elegance, interpreting the noble tradition and fashion connotation of equestrianism. Inheriting its brand slogan “Elegance is an Attitude”, Longines held the election of “the Most Elegant Lady”.

The guests had the chance to experience many aspects of equestrian sports. The event included a series of activities such as international equestrian festival, amateur equestrian contest, youth equestrian contest and youth equestrian training camp. Several star riders such as Ludger Beerbaum coached future equestrian talents at the training camp.

As title partner of the Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters, the watchmaker perpetuates its commitment to the world of equestrian sports, disciplines that represent its values of tradition, precision and elegance. For almost 90 years, Longines has taken part in over one hundred national and international equestrian events.

The brand has established numerous partnerships around the world as timekeeper and partner of prestigious horse-shows, as most of the CSIO and CHIO of the Nations Cup, the Dubai Show Jumping Championship, the President’s Cup presented by Longines, the Emirates Longines Show Jumping League, the Longines Hong Kong Masters as well as some stages of the Global Champions Tour. Longines’ involvement in equestrian sport also includes flat races and endurance.

In Beijing, Longines specially held a culture show “Longines and Equestrian sports” with a large collection of pictures and items, highlighting the link to equestrian sport expressed by the motto “Equestrian Sport is Our Passion” and describing the watchmaking know-how of the brand.

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