Longines and the International Archery Federation have signed an agreement to make the brand the official partner of the Archery World Cup and World Championships. This discipline encompasses values that are much cherished by the brand, namely precision, tradition and elegance.

Systematically, the events are organized in original locations: for instance, the 2009 World Cup finals were held in the historical part of Copenhagen (Denmark), where the targets were set up in the port. The 2010 ones took place in front of the Castle of Edinburgh (UK).

With its long-standing commitment to traditional and precise sports, Longines continues to engage in age-old arts and disciplines. The bow, arrow and target are the symbols of this sport, which requires mastery, concentration, precision, balance and rigour.

Longines gives the Longines Prize of Precision for archery to the best male and female athletes that master bow and arrow through concentration, balance, accuracy, and skill.

Archery World Cup, stage 1 (Shangai, China)
Archery World Cup, stage 2 (Antalya, Turkey)
Archery World Cup, stage 3 & Final olympic qualifier (Ogden, United States of America)

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