Timing equestrian sports

From its foundation in the 19th century to the present day, Longines has always had a close relationship with the world of horses. The brand times numerous equestrian events all over the world.
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Photo-finish with horses at full speed, St. Moritz (Switzerland), in February 1971.
Show jumping at Frauenfeld (Switzerland) in May 1966 timed by Longines.
Horses have always had a special significance for Longines. Indeed, the brand’s hometown of Saint-Imier is the birthplace of the only remaining Swiss horse breed, the Franches-Montagnes. It is no surprise then, that many of the Maison’s pocket watches are decorated with equestrian motifs. The oldest of these watches dates back as far as 1869. Longines produced its first equestrian watch just two years after setting up its factory. This timepiece ushered in a long series of equestrian pocket watches, a heritage the brand proudly reinterprets with the Longines Equestrian Pocket Watch collection.

The early pocket watches also met the pioneering brand’s commitment to equestrian sports. Indeed, as early as 1878, Longines had already developed its first chronograph movement, which was soon fitted in a case engraved with a jockey and his mount. These chronographs were seen on the American racetracks as early as in the 1880s, where they proved extremely popular among jockeys and horse lovers alike. In 1912, the brand supported a show jumping competition in Lisbon (Portugal), sparking a connection between Longines and the equestrian world that still prospers today.
It was no coincidence that Longines became involved with the equestrian world so early on: they share common values. First, both are defined by a long tradition. Second, Longines and horse lovers are drawn together by their affinity for elegance. Horses – whether wild, trained to perform in sporting events or companions for the owner’s free time – always enhance the elegance of those around them, just as Longines watches are a guarantee of style for those who wear them. And, last but not least, performance is a motivating force in the world of Thoroughbreds as in watchmaking. Over the years, countless equestrian competitions have been served by the quality and reliability of the chronographs and instruments developed by Longines to time the most spectacular achievements.

Longines’ long history and expertise makes it the perfect partner in equestrian sports, including the top federations and the most prestigious flat racing, show jumping, dressage, driving and eventing fixtures. During the last century, countless equestrian competitions were timed by Longines.
Manual timekeeping by Longines at horse jumping event at La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), in 1955.
Skikjöring on the frozen lake of St. Moritz (Switzerland), February 1969.