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Longines entretient des liens étroits et de longue date avec le monde de l’aviation. La marque a en effet produit un grand nombre de montres et chronographes de pilotes, appareils de bord et autres instruments de navigation qui ont accompagné le développement de l’aviation civile et militaire durant toute la première moitié du XXe siècle. Aujourd’hui, Longines redonne vie à ce passionnant héritage à travers les modèles de son segment « Aviation ».

Longines Spirit

Historically, Longines has accompanied legendary pioneers as they conquer air, land and sea. Today, the winged hourglass brand has drawn inspiration from this heritage to create Longines Spirit, a collection with an impeccable pedigree. This collection links history with innovation by combining references to the glory days of aviation with present-day aesthetic and technical requirements. These resolutely contemporary timepieces are a testimony to the pioneering spirit that has inspired the brand since its earliest days. A glowing tribute to these exceptional men and women who, by a record, an exploit or a display of courage, have left their mark on history - pushing new generations to surpass themselves.

Avigation Longines Spirit
Avigation Longines Heritage Military

Heritage Military

In honour of its rich history, Longines has drawn inspiration from a 1940’s watch model to create The Longines Heritage Military. True to the original lines of a timepiece designed for the British Royal Air Force, this sleek, reimagined watch belongs to a timeless style that has made the winged hourglass brand famous. To reproduce the original timekeeper’s patina, the dial on the military watch has been hand sprayed with tiny black droplets, making each and every piece unique.

Avigation Longines Heritage Avigation

Heritage Avigation

Longines continues to keep a close and long-standing connection with the world of aviation. The brand has produced a large number of pilots' watches and chronographs, on-board equipment and other navigation instruments which aided the development of civil and military aviation during the first half of the 20th century. Today, Longines is bringing this exciting heritage back to life with watches from its "Heritage Aviation" range.