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  • 07/21/2020


    反璞歸真 LONGINES Avigation Type A-7 1935 航空腕表

    LONGINES Avigation Type A-7 1935 航空腕表是向航空的光輝歲月作致敬。自20世紀初,LONGINES 一直與航空領域及飛行先鋒們的關係密不可分。今次推出的全新型號,品牌從1935年美國空軍訂製的一枚腕表中取得靈感,為了創製美國軍隊指定便於飛行員佩戴的           "Type A-7”,腕表必須在美學、耐用性和精準度各方面都能達到極其嚴格的要求。   基於原創型號的成功,全新 LONGINES Avigation Type A-7 1935 航空腕表今次改用黑色表面,表盤向右傾斜40° ,這特定方向的設計是為方便飛行員手部毋須離開飛機駕駛盤的情況下亦能輕易讀取時間。 為了即使戴上手套在空中駕駛的情況下,仍能將腕表操控自如,凹槽式表冠設於12時位置,只需按動表冠上的單一按鈕,即可輕易啟動、停止及重設等各種不同計時功能。時至今日,LONGINES Avigation Type A-7 1935 航空腕表仍充分運用了這項獨特設計。   直徑41毫米精鋼表殼內藏專為LONGINES研發的獨有導柱輪精密計時機芯 (L788.2)。   沿用原創型號的獨特設計,啞黑色表面上飾以大型阿拉伯數字及路軌式刻度環,以確保最佳的可讀性。再配上加有超級夜光塗層優雅而低調的教堂式指針。   腕表襯以啡色皮帶,令這枚全新LONGINES Avigation Type A-7 1935 航空腕表與2016年推出的白色漆面表面款式兩者相得益彰。

  • 07/08/2020


    The young Swiss prodigy of show jumping Bryan Balsiger joins the Longines Family

    The Swiss watchmaking brand Longines is proud to announce that the young prodigy of show jumping Bryan Balsiger joins the Longines Family as a Friend of the Brand.   Born into a family of riders who runs an equestrian centre in Corcelles, Switzerland where he grew up, horse riding seemed an obvious choice for Bryan who took up the reins for the first time when he was just 5 years old. Having discovered a real source of inspiration from his family, today alongside his father who is also his trainer, Bryan is developing his career.   At the young age of 23, the talented rider already has an impressive track record of victories. After becoming the European Young Riders champion in 2017 in Samorin, Slovakia, he made his debut in the Elite category in 2018 and claimed victory at the Swiss Championship in Humlikon. He then joined the Swiss team the same year and took part in the Final of the Longines FEI Jumping Nations CupTM in Barcelona. The following year with the same team he won one of the qualifying stages of this competition in La Baule before achieving a memorable victory on Clouzot de Lassus at the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ in Oslo. These excellent results also allowed him to enter the Top 100 best riders of the Longines Rankings and qualify for prestigious Final of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ in Las Vegas, which unfortunately was unable to take place this spring.    Bryan Balsiger comments: “I’m really proud to join the Longines Family. I am honoured to be associated with this brand, which is a major player in equestrian sports and an emblematic company in the region where I grew up. I’ll make sure to proudly represent Longines with its values of performance and precision that are essential to my life as an athlete.”      Longines and equestrian sports   The winged hourglass brand’s passion for the equestrian world dates back to 1869 with the release of its first pocket watch to feature a horse head. In 1912, the brand became involved with an international show-jumping competition in Portugal and almost a century later, in 2013, it became the first Fédération Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) Top Partner and Official Timekeeper. Today, Longines’ commitment to equestrian sports includes show jumping, dressage, combined driving, eventing and horse-racing events.    

  • 07/06/2020



    2020年7月5日,第171屆法國橡樹大賽(Prix de Diane Longines)於擁有如詩景致的尚蒂利(Chantilly)馬場舉行,結果由策騎「珍稀藍鑽」(Fancy Blue)的布達德(Pierre-Charles Boudot)勝出。 這位法國騎師與賽駒「下情上達」(Channel)勝出2019年賽事,如今連續兩年獲得勝利。 亞軍和季軍分別為策騎「星耀峻嶺」(Alpine Star)的柏士祺(Stéphane Pasquier)以及策騎「安恬」(Peaceful)的許覺能(James Anthony Heffernan)。 三匹優勝的雌馬有一個共通點,就是全部都在愛爾蘭接受訓練。 作為賽事的冠名伙伴兼官方計時,浪琴表深感榮幸能向「珍稀藍鑽」的馬主、練馬師和騎師頒發典雅時計,以表揚其傑出表現。 2020法國橡樹大賽指定腕表 今屆法國橡樹大賽亦是品牌介紹浪琴表黛綽維納系列(Longines DolceVita)的好時機。 此系列於1997年面世,向意式甜美生活致敬。 柔和、鮮明,同時溫暖迷人,感覺猶如在鄉村廣場的露天平台輕鬆沉思,在羅馬小巷中細意漫步,或在醉人的海邊享受小休時光。 此系列從1920年代的型號汲取靈感,採用標誌性的長方形表殼,多年來不斷推陳出新,同時秉承其獨特設計。