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interview with maxime mosset
As part of its involvement with young sporting hopefuls, ­Longines is lending its support to Maxime Mosset, talented Swiss Telemark ski racer. In this interview, he shares his sources of motivation, his expectations for the future, his challenges and his passion for this all too often unknown discipline.
Maxime, can you introduce yourself briefly?
My name is Maxime Mosset, I’m 17 years old and I live in Cernier in the canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). I did my compulsory schooling at the Val-de-Ruz secondary school. Then in August 2014, I started an apprenticeship as a manufacturing mechanic at Nivarox-Far (a company of the Swatch Group) in Fontaines. My hobbies are fitness, cycling, running, ski mountaineering, motorcycling and gliding.
How do you juggle practising your sport with your studies?
I’m lucky to have a special set-up with my employer so that I can practise my sport while I’m studying for my apprenticeship. I mainly use my holiday in winter so I can attend training sessions and races. I’m also allowed special leave (long weekends), but I make up my hours (40 hours).
What are the main differences between normal ski disciplines and telemark skiing?
Telemark is a very comprehensive discipline that incorporates giant slalom, skating and ski jumping in the same course. In Telemark skiing, you are judged on style, jump distance and time. Telemark skiing encompasses three disciplines: Sprint Classic – Classic – Parallel Sprint.
What skills are required for telemark skiing?
You need to have reached a good standard in Alpine skiing and have good agility, flexibility, muscular strength and perseverance.
When and how did you discover telemark skiing?
I discovered Telemark skiing when I was 10 years old with my father, who introduced the discipline to the slopes of Valais. He gave me the desire to do something new and different.
Why did you choose this discipline? what makes telemark skiing appealing?
Telemark skiing is not very well known and I am particularly attracted to uncommon activities. The world of Telemark is also very enjoyable! As I am quite conservative, I completely identify with the retro side of the sport!
How did you go from alpine to telemark skiing? Was it an easy switch to make?
Naturally I practised the two disciplines equally from the beginning. But I gradually gave up Alpine skiing so I could devote myself entirely to Telemark today.
Telemark skiing is not widely known. What would you say to encourage people to practise this discipline?
I would say that Telemark is a varied, elegant, fun and unusual discipline.
­Longines is supporting you as part of its involvement in promoting sport amongst young people. what does this commitment mean to you?
­Longines’ support gives me the motivation to go further and further. It’s also a sign of confidence in me. I am proud to wear the ­Longines logo on my helmet and be supported by a prestigious Swiss watch brand.
What does the notion of time mean to you?
Time is a challenge and I always want and need to beat it. In the end, time is a mark of accuracy, challenge and change.
What are your goals for this year?
I want to move up to a higher level and participate in as many races as possible to progress and improve my mindset.
What is your biggest dream?
For Telemark skiing to be included in the Olympic Games and for me to represent Switzerland!