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The auction for the Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet timepieces has now come to an end

June 30, 2017

The Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet timepieces’ auction has helped raised significant amount for the benefit of the Golden Hat Foundation

As the auction for the three Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet timepieces has come to an end, Longines would like to warmly thank the donators for their generous contribution to the Golden Hat Foundation, the charity co-founded by the British actress. The first remaining piece will be kept in the Longines museum located at the company’s headquarters, in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, while the second, numbered 5/5, was presented to Kate Winslet.

About The Golden Hat Foundation

The Foundation focuses on distribution of information about autism and autism awareness, encouraging a different approach and view of the condition. We have a special focus on those autistic individuals that are either non-verbal or otherwise on the more severe end of the autism spectrum. These individuals that are often thought less capable or less intelligent are indeed very gifted in many cases and possess normal intelligence but just lack the means of communication that allows them to express their intellect.  Key message of the Foundation is to shine a light on the abilities of those that are autistic and advocating for increased opportunities for this part of the autistic population.

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White Turf St. Moritz 2020; Horse Racing; 2020

White Turf St. Moritz 2020 – 1st Sunday

February 02, 2020 - February 02, 2020

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland

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