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  • 06/28/2022

    Commonwealth Games


    This year marks an important milestone for Longines, as the brand celebrates its quest for precision spanning 190 years and its contribution to timekeeping at the Commonwealth Games for 60 years and counting. As the Official Partner and Official Timekeeper of the upcoming Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Longines is proud to partner with three outstanding athletes looking to pursue their own quest for excellence with their dedication, perseverance and elegance – values that resonate perfectly with Longines’ long-term commitment to high-precision timekeeping in the world of sports Longines’ longstanding contribution to precision in sports timekeeping is entwined with its unwavering commitment to excellence from 1832. This year, the 190th anniversary of Longines coincides with its 60th anniversary of its long-term association with the Commonwealth Games, marking an important milestone in honouring the brand’s timekeeping legacy in the world of sports. Longines’ partnership with the Commonwealth Games started to flourish toward the mid-20th century, where the Swiss watch brand was originally a partner of the Perth 1962 Commonwealth Games. This close relationship continued to thrive as Longines renewed its partnership for Glasgow 2014 and Gold Coast 2018. The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games that will take place from July 28 to August 8, 2022 will mark the beginning of the first ever multi-Commonwealth Games partnership between Longines and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) for the next three editions, reaffirming Longines’ dedicated support for excellence and high performance in various sport disciplines. With its role as the Presenting Partner of Athletics and Gymnastics and Co-Presenting Partner of Table Tennis and Rugby 7's, Longines further forges solid ties with outstanding talents looking to fulfil their potential and leave indelible mark in the history of the Commonwealth Games.%break%Alice Kinsella Artistic gymnast (England) Alice Kinsella began her journey as artistic gymnast at the age of three. Raised in Birmingham, England, she has a lifelong ambition to perform at the highest level in her discipline. She became one of the UK’s most exciting young talents with her impressive past achievements that include her victory in Tokyo in the summer of 2021 and being a three-time medalist at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and the first British woman to ever win European Gold on the Beam apparatus at the European Championships in Szezcein, Poland. This year, she is determined to retain her Commonwealth title at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, alongside the European & World Championship also to come later in the year. Josh Kerr Middle-distance runner (Scotland) Known as one of the top middle-distance runners in the world, Josh Kerr rose to prominence with his outstanding performances on the tracks in Tokyo last year winning a 1500m bronze medal. He became the European Junior 1500m Champion in 2015 and competed in the US for the University of New Mexico, winning the prestigious NCAA Championships at the same distance. With his athletic record and commitment to excellence, Josh Kerr is motivated to represent Britain and Scotland at the upcoming World Championships in Eugene Oregon and at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Peter Bol Middle-distance runner (Australia) Peter Bol was born in Sudan and arrived in Australia at the age of ten with his family who fled the civil war, settling in a country that he considers as his adapted homeland where he had his sporting talent first discovered. Known as one of the greatest 800m runners in the world, Peter Bol achieved what many of his fellow competitors can only dream about; his many outstanding achievements include his unparalleled performances on the tracks in Rio and Tokyo and setting his personal best records at an IAAF meet in Stockholm in 2018.

  • 06/23/2022


    浪琴表多情 x YVY系列 - 以皮革錶帶重新演繹經典腕錶

    浪琴表現在推出全新浪琴表多情 x YVY系列。瑞士設計師Yvonne Reichmuth以精緻的皮革錶帶,為浪琴表著名的長方形時計注入不一樣的風格。錶帶靈感源自浪琴表熱愛的馬術世界,設計呼應馬轡和輓具的造型。 在炎熱的夏天,腕錶佩戴者紛紛穿上短袖衣服,展現出為他們點綴腕間的心愛腕錶,以飛翼沙漏為商標的浪琴表則藉此時機呈獻全新系列——浪琴表多情 x YVY系列作品。浪琴表這次以細膩的雙圈皮革錶帶配襯腕錶,錶帶備有三種色調——米色、棕色及黑色雙圈皮革錶帶,綴以飾釘。這些腕錶均由瑞士公司YVY受委託設計。YVY創作的華麗搖滾風格配飾十分精緻,深受國際巨星及喜歡獨特款式的顧客青睞。 共同價值觀 浪琴表與YVY各自的世界互相輝映、相得益彰,這次合作可謂水到渠成。浪琴表多情 x YVY系列腕錶的錶帶選用義大利或瑞士的皮革,以傳統製作方式精心製作。錶帶以金屬作點綴和加固,飾面無可挑剔,更融入浪琴表鍾愛的馬術世界元素。YVY創辦人Yvonne Reichmuth解釋:「我們希望共同想出一個新方式,來彰顯馬匹及其馬轡的世界。」 馬轡是安裝於馬匹頭上和頸上的必備配件,連結騎手與賽駒,這令我們想到手腕與時計之間的聯繫。設計師Yvonne Reichmuth補充道:「可拆式錶帶的設計,源自我們希望創作出可配襯不同風格的典雅腕錶。」 現代元素令傳統設計煥然一新  浪琴表多情 x YVY系列洋溢青春活力,優美迷人,並搭配當代設計的錶帶,而可替換錶帶系統更可滿足每位佩戴者的需要,令腕錶適合於各種日常活動中佩戴。纖幼的搭配錶帶呈現當代設計,可獨立佩戴,但安裝於腕錶後便轉化為時尚配件,教每個世代的人為之著迷和觸動。浪琴表行政總裁Matthias Breschan表示:「腕錶提供兩個不同的錶殼尺寸,適合男士和女士佩戴。」

  • 06/18/2022


    SolarStratos and Géraldine Fasnacht achieve a world first, supported by Longines

    Longines is proud to support Raphaël Domjan, a pilot and founder of the SolarStratos mission, and Géraldine Fasnacht, the famous Swiss sportswoman and member of the Longines family, as they achieve a daring new feat in the skies over the Valais area. On Saturday 18 June, in Verbier, these two airborne pioneers pulled off an airborne exploit requiring a great deal of skill by making the first wingsuit jump from a solar and electrical aircraft. Renowned for the reliability of its precision instruments, the winged hourglass brand has accompanied exploratory missions to the last remaining uncharted lands, faced extreme weather conditions, sailed rough seas and participated in the conquest of new air travel routes. Legendary aviators and explorers have placed their trust in Longines while out on their travels. Today, Longines is remaining true to its pioneering spirit by joining forces with Raphaël Domjan, the man behind the SolarStratos mission, and Géraldine Fasnacht, an adventurer and member of the Longines family, who have completed the world’s wingsuit jump from a solar and electrical aircraft. This outstanding demonstration pushes the limits of extreme sporting performance even further, bestowing fresh glory on this magnificent solar adventure.

  • 06/08/2022


    Longines, title partner and official timekeeper of the Longines CSIO St-Gallen

    After a captivating competition, the Swiss team won the prestigious Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of Switzerland. Saturday, it was Martin Fuchs (CH) on Conner Jei that made the difference during the Longines Grand Prix der Schweiz. Longines supported the event as Title Partner and Official Timekeeper. The brand presented in St. Gallen the Official Watch of this exceptional event, an elegant model from the LONGINES DOLCEVITA collection. Major equestrian event, the CSIO Switzerland took place in St. Gall in one of the most beautiful open-air stadiums. This edition was marked by Switzerland’s victory in the prestigious Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of Switzerland, one of the key competitions of the weekend. It was able to make the difference and beat out the teams of Netherlands and Great Britain that finished in second and third place respectively. The members of the winning team received a Longines timepiece from the brand's CEO, Matthias Breschan. At the Longines Grand Prix der Schweiz on Saturday, Martin Fuchs (CH) on Conner Jei won the competition, followed by Wilm Vermeir (BEL) on Van Het Steentje. The young show jumping Swiss prodigy and Longines Family member, Bryan Balsiger (CH), won third place on his mare Dubai du Bois Pinchet. %break%  Longines DolceVita, Official Watch The Official Watch of this year’s Longines CSIO St.Gallen is a model from the Longines DolceVita collection. Since its inception, the Longines DolceVita collection has illustrated contemporary elegance of the brand. Inspired by the "Dolce Vita", it is an homage to the sweetness of the Italian life. Subtly combining geometric lines and soft curves, the Longines DolceVita collection is characterized by its rectangular case inspired by a 1920s model. A byword for glamour and femininity, the line is an ode to the sweetness of life. The boldly sophisticated and feminine design will delight women wishing to make their own statement of contemporary elegance Longines and equestrian sports The collaboration between Longines and the Longines CSIO St.Gallen reinforces the brand’s traditional commitment to equestrian sports and makes Longines a major player in this field. Longines’ passion for the equestrian world dates back to 1869, when the brand crafted its first equestrian pocket watch found to date. Not long after, in 1878, Longines developed a famous chronograph movement, fitted in a case engraved with a jockey and his mount. Seen on the American racetracks since the late nineteenth century, this type of timepieces proved extremely popular among jockeys and horse-lovers, as it enabled its user to time performances to the second. Designed in the workshops of the factory of Saint-Imier, these first creations mark Longines’ very first involvement in the equestrian world.  

  • 06/01/2022


    高振頻經典傑作重生:全新Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶

    Longines 浪琴表推出高精準度全新錶款:ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶。全新高振頻機芯以Longines 浪琴表超過百年之豐富的高振頻機芯製造經驗為基礎,此款全新腕錶以1968年的原版Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON潛水錶為靈感,呈現出原版錶款的經典設計元素。   1968年,Longines 浪琴表推出史上第一款配備高振頻機芯的潛水錶:ULTRA-CHRON潛水錶。當時,Longines 浪琴表即已確立了在高振頻技術領域的開創地位。事實上,這一家飛翼沙漏品牌在1914年已創造出旗下第一款可以精準測量至1/10秒的高振頻計時裝置。1959年,Longines 浪琴表開發出第一款高振頻腕錶機芯,且此款天文台錶在精準性方面締造了新紀錄。   全新Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶的靈感是源自於1968年錶款的美學元素及專業潛水功能。此錶搭載單向旋轉錶圈與旋入式底蓋及錶冠,並具有絕佳的易讀性及防水深度達30巴(300米)。   Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶具備高辨識性43毫米不鏽鋼枕形錶殼,其潛水錶圈上則搭載裝飾著夜光塗料的藍寶石水晶鑲嵌。令人注目的黑色粒紋面盤配備了Super-LumiNova®夜光塗料棍形標誌與鍍銠鑲貼標誌相互交錯的白色分鐘刻度環。   原版ULTRA-CHRON標誌大方地鑲貼於面盤與壓印在底蓋上。全新Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶採用獨特的紅色分針,且分針與時針上皆鍍有Super-LumiNova®夜光塗料以提供最佳易讀性。   全新Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶的驅動核心為高振頻「自製」L836.6機芯。「高振頻」腕錶之定義是機芯游絲的振頻為每小時振動36,000次(每秒振動10次)。此種機芯可以提升精密計時的性能,Longines 浪琴表在1914年與1916年,分別率先開創出可測量1/10秒與1/100秒的高振頻機芯。自1959年起,Longines 浪琴表開始運用高振頻機芯提升腕錶的精準性。此種高振頻機芯是透過減少震動或機芯位置變化的負面效應,而變得更穩定。   Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶的精準性已獲得日內瓦獨立測試實驗室TIMELAB的「天文台錶」(chronometer)證書認證,針對錶頭的精準度。認證程序以腕錶成品進行15天的測試,於此期間內,腕錶置於8°C、23° C與38°C等三種溫度下接受一系列的測試,以確認符合嚴格的精準性標準(ISO 3159:2009標準)。   Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶備有皮革錶帶與不鏽鋼錶帶,並搭配內附黑色回收材質NATO錶帶的特製錶盒。   對於任何一位熟悉製錶工藝最創新的時代之一,並熱愛該時期之經典時計的鐘錶愛好者來說,全新Longines 浪琴表ULTRA-CHRON 超級天文台腕錶將可喚起感性情懷,而對於想要將鐘錶歷史代表作佩戴於手腕上的新一代鐘錶愛好者來說,此款腕錶也是最佳首選。

  • 05/18/2022


    Longines and Al Shaqab extend their longterm partnership

    Following the renewal of this major partnership, which started in 2019, Longines will continue to be the Official Partner and Official Watch supporting Al Shaqab and its state-of-the-art equestrian facilities including the spectacular Longines Arena. In addition, the Swiss watch brand remains the Presenting Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Commercial Bank CHI AL SHAQAB, as well as the Main Partner and Official Watch of the national show jumping and dressage tour, the Longines Hathab Qatar Equestrian Tour, which is organized together with the Qatar Equestrian Federation.     First organized by Al Shaqab in 2013, the CHI AL SHAQAB is the world-class equestrian center annual signature event in Doha, and the only competition of its kind in the Middle East. Together with the Longines Hathab Qatar Equestrian Tour, Al Shaqab remains the hub for Qatar’s premier local horse-riding competition series, with the aim of further developing equestrian sports in the region and shape the country’s next generation of equestrian champions.   Khalifa Al Attiya, Executive Director, Al Shaqab, said: “We are delighted to reaffirm our strong and enduring ties with Longines, a well-established and prominent global brand known for its support for equestrian sports. Longines maintains a balance between traditional techniques and modern technological innovations, and this philosophy genuinely reflects the values and aspirations of Al Shaqab. The extension of our agreement allows both parties to strengthen their long-term partnership, and the growing popularity of equestrian sport in Qatar only demonstrates the success of our collaboration.”   Longines Vice President Marketing, Matthieu Baumgartner, declared: “We are proud to extend this privileged partnership and to be closely associated with Al Shaqab, member of Qatar Foundation.  We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration, by being the Presenting Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of CHI AL SHAQAB, as well as the Main Partner and Official Watch of the Longines Hathab – Qatar Equestrian Tour. This partnership reinforces Longines’ long-lasting dedication and commitment to the equestrian world, which dates back one century and half.” %break% About Al Shaqab   Since its establishment in 1992, Al Shaqab’s vision was to build on Qatar’s Arabian horse heritage and be a leading global center for equine professionals, while providing an engaging experience for the community. Global leadership has not only meant preserving, improving, and promoting the Arabian horse breed, but also encouraging the community in this unique, traditional cultural sport.   Today, Al Shaqab’s impressive facilities, which are distinctively designed in the shape of a horseshoe, cover 980,000 square meters. With a state-of-the-art Main Arena comprising both an indoor and outdoor venue capable of holding over 5,000 spectators, Al Shaqab is part of Qatar’s growing reputation on the world stage that showcases its ability to host major international sports event at the highest level.   About Longines   Based in Saint-Imier in Switzerland since 1832, the watchmaking company Longines wields expertise steeped in tradition, elegance and performance. With generations of experience as official timekeeper of world championships, and as partner of international sports federations, Longines has built strong and long-lasting relationships in the world of sport over the years. Known for the elegance of its timepieces, Longines is a member of Swatch Group Ltd., the world’s leading watch manufacturer. The Longines brand, with its winged hourglass emblem, is established in over 150 countries.

  • 05/18/2022


    Longines浪琴表歡迎南韓獲獎女演員暨歌手Suzy 秀智成為新任優雅形象大使

    最新的Longines 浪琴表優雅形象大使是一位家喻戶曉的大明星。來自南韓的27歲女演員暨音樂人Suzy 秀智(裴秀智)自出道以來獲得許多獎項,是位真正的偶像指標。   Longines 浪琴表全球總裁Matthias Breschan歡迎Suzy 秀智加入Longines 浪琴表大家族,他表示「Suzy 秀智擁有高人氣和無與倫比的優雅氣質,完美符合Longines 浪琴表品牌精神。我們歡迎她加入優雅形象大使家族,並期待接下來與Suzy 秀智的一系列合作。我們品牌的愛好者與她的粉絲請拭目以待。」   Suzy 秀智對這項新合作也感到十分興奮,她表示「非常榮幸能加入Longines浪琴表這個具備190年悠久歷史的頂尖鐘錶品牌。我期待未來以Longines浪琴表優雅形象大使的身分進行的優雅旅程、共度的寶貴時光,以及獲得的美好經驗。」   以女團Miss A的成員在音樂界出道後Suzy 秀智的名氣馬上迅速竄升。她開始主持各種活動,並且很快進軍影視界,並憑藉演技獲得各種獎項。她的個人音樂事業始於2017年,預先推出的單曲「Pretend」登上音樂榜單的第一名。她在今年推出的最新單曲「Satellite」也廣受好評。   Suzy 秀智的善心也廣為人知。她經常捐出大筆慈善捐款,例如幫助大雨淹水的災民,低收入家庭、罹患不治之症的病人,以及COVID-19防治。   她在自己接觸的每個領域展現的熱忱與優雅完全符合Longines浪琴表的形象,而Suzy 秀智也體現了該品牌的價值觀。Longines浪琴表大家族十分歡迎她的加入,而雙方的合作關係肯定會吸引全球各地的鐘錶粉絲與文化愛好者。

  • 04/10/2022


    Longines FEI Jumping Word Cup Final

    At the grand Final of the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM that took place at the Leipziger Messe in Leipzig (Germany) this year, the Swiss watch brand continued playing a pivotal role in supporting the world’s leading riders and providing timekeeping expertise in this elite-level event of show jumping.   The exciting competition was marked by the victory of Martin Fuchs (CH) and Chaplin who brilliantly made the difference in the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM Final. Harrie Smolders (NL) riding Monaco finished second ahead of Jens Fredricson (SE) and Markan Cosmopolit. In its role of Official Timekeeper, Longines was proud to time the remarkable performances of these athletes during the whole 2021/2022 season leading up to the Final. The great winner, as well as the second and the third, were presented with elegant Longines timepieces from the hands of Matthieu Baumgartner, Longines Vice President Marketing. %break%This edition of the Finals was the perfect occasion for the spectators to discover the Official Watch of the event, model of the Longines DolceVita collection, symbol of Longines’ relentless pursuit of elegance and excellence. Subtly combining geometric lines and soft curves, the Longines DolceVita collection is characterized by its rectangular case inspired by a 1920s model.   Crafted in steel and enhanced with diamonds, this model features a silvered “flinqué” dial adorned with painted Roman numerals. Driven by a quartz movement, the hours and minutes are indicated by fine blued steel hands. Longines is also extending its selection of interchangeable straps by offering leather variations in white, blue and golden hues. These accessories make it possible for each customer to personalize their watch according to their desires.      

  • 03/23/2022


    Longines Spirit Zulu Time Launch

    The Queen’s House, an impressive architectural masterpiece in Greenwich, London, played host to an exceptional event organised to mark the launch of the new Longines Spirit Zulu Time. This event, focused on heritage and innovation, took its guests on a journey across time and Longines’ history. The launch was the ideal occasion for international media to discover – on site and online - the winged hourglass brand’s latest design.   The Longines Spirit Zulu Time features multiple time zones and typifies the watchmaker's century-old expertise in timepieces of its kind. Its origins and its name come from the first Longines dual-time zone wristwatch manufactured in 1925, which featured the Zulu flag on its dial – Zulu referring to the letter "Z" which designates universal time for aviators and members of the armed forces. Many adventurers have crossed the world's time zones with a Longines watch on their wrist. Renowned aviators including Amy Johnson, Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon conquered the air and set new records – all with Longines’ assistance. A guarantee of safety and reliability for these early pioneers.   A link between history and innovation, the Longines Spirit Zulu Time pays homage to the brand's rich heritage, resulting in an exceptional timepiece to be used by all modern pioneers. An exclusive new Longines in-house calibre with a silicon balance-spring drives the time zone display. A state-of-the-art technology that allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently of the GMT indicator. Additional time zones are read using a 24-hour hand and a bidirectional rotating bezel, also graduated over 24 hours. Extremely accurate with a power reserve of 72 hours, this new movement is chronometer-certified by the COSC (the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), in a nod to the five stars stamped on the dial which, in the history of Longines, was a guarantee of a movement of the highest quality.   Aesthetically, the Longines Spirit Zulu Time stands out with its meticulous execution and the particular care given to the various finishes on the details – whether shiny, matt, polished, in relief or embossed. This model features a bezel enhanced with a coloured ceramic insert, and is available on a matt black, sandblasted anthracite or sunray blue dial, with a date window now centred at the 6 o'clock position. Its hands and numerals, coated with Super-LumiNova®, enable the time to be read under all circumstances. The 42 mm steel case has an interchangeable stainless steel bracelet or an interchangeable brown, beige or blue leather strap. These straps all have a folding clasp fitted with a new fine adjustment system for maximum comfort and a perfect fit.      

  • 02/26/2022


    Longines continues its proud association with the SAUDI CUP as Official Partner and Timekeeper

    The eyes of the equestrian community focused on the 2022 SAUDI CUP that took place from February 25th to 26th at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack, in Riyadh (KSA). As the Platinum Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the event, Longines continued to forge close ties with elite jockeys and horses vying for success at what is known as one of the world’s richest horse races, further extending its support to all levels of horseracing with its timekeeping expertise.   On Saturday, foremost horses and jockeys delivered adrenaline-fueled performances at the SAUDI CUP race, where Emblem Road ridden by Wigberto Ramos clinched the victory ahead of Country Grammer riden by Flavien Prat and Midnight Bourbon ridden by Joel Rosario, and delighted the enraptured crowed by demonstrating unrivalled precision and resilience throughout the race.   The coveted Longines Red Sea Cup that took place earlier that day saw the sensational win of Stay Foolish ridden by Christophe Lemaire who brought unmissable drama and delivered an exceptional performance timed by Longines. Sonnyboyliston ridden by Ben Coen and Siskany ridden by James Doyle, who finished second and third, also gave it their all with their absolute determination and perseverance. To acknowledge excellence and elegance in this revered discipline, Longines rewarded the winner with a refined timepiece presented by Patrick Aoun, Longines Regional Brand Manager for the Middle East and South East Asia.   On this special occasion, Longines was particularly proud to highlight the Official Watch of the event, a model from The Longines Master Collection.  An emblematic timepiece of the brand for its watchmaking expertise, this refined creation featuring a chronograph and a moon phase indicator perfectly combines one-of-a-kind classic elegance and watchmaking sophistication to delight those constantly pursuing precision and excellence.