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Service Pricing

The suggested public prices are indicated in MYR and include applicable VAT but not shipping costs. These prices are subject to change without prior notice or information.

MaterialSpecificationPartial ServiceFull ServiceUnique Price
Quartz2 or 3 hands + calendar330930-
2 or 3 hands + perpetual calendar VHP3301 120-
Chronograph3601 400-
Battery service only + water-resistance test80--
Mechanical2 or 3 hands + calendar3601 120-
Chronograph3601 850-
OthersMoon phase + annual calendar3601 850-
Retrograde3602 050-
Vintage calibre (prior to 1985)--Estimate
Certificate of authenticity--1400
Rate Control---Free

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If your Longines watch requires adjustment, maintenance or repair, we recommend you bring it or send it (if sent, well packaged and by recorded delivery) to the nearest authorised Longines service centre. A more detailed description of the service will appear on the estimate.

Operations undertakenPartial ServiceFull Service
Assessment and identification of the watchYesYes
Separation of case and movementYesYes
Disassembly of the caseNoYes
Polishing of the case and bracelet (if applicable)NoYes
Cleaning of the case and bracelet (if applicable)YesYes
Disassembly or replacement of movementNoYes
Separation of movement componentsNoYes
Cleaning of movement componentsNoYes
Reassembly and oiling of the movement and replacement of the worn spare partsNoYes
Replacement of the battery in quartz movementsYesYes
Reassembly of the case with exchange of parts if necessary to guarantee water-resistanceYesYes
Assembly of the movement with the caseYesYes
Aesthetic control according to Longines specificationsYesYes
Rate control according to Longines specificationsYesYes
Control of watertightness (if applicable)YesYes
24-month warranty on the work carried outYesYes
All additional components not included in the priceCharged Individually

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