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    Flashsetting information

    The watch for travel lovers

    These features make the Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting an ideal accoutrement on the wrist of any keen traveller, who will appreciate this loyal companion on their journeys far and wide across the globe.
    Is my phone or country compatible?
    Flashsetting information
    Longines Conquest
    Discover the Longines Conquest V.H.P Flash Settings
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    Watch compatibility

    The following list of Smarphones has been tested and work well with the watch. Unfortunately, due to the different flash programing of each smartphone manufacturers, we cannot ensure that other smartphone brands/models will work properly with the watch.

    Countries with DST exceptions

    For the following countries, the watch is not able to update the DST date for the next year automatically. You have to flash your watch beginning of each year to have your DST up-to-date.