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Longines Grosser Preis von Baden

Horse Racing


Longines times Barney Roy’s victory in the 2020 Longines Grosser Preis von Baden

As the Official Partner and Timekeeper of the Longines Grosser Preis von Baden, ran on September 13 on the Iffezheim racecourse, Longines was proud to time the eleven races of the day, including the eponymous race, won by Barney Roy, ridden by James Doyle, ahead of Communique and Torquator Tasso. As the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the event, Longines was delighted to present Barney Roy’s winning team with elegant timepieces.


Longines Spirit: The Official Watch of the 148th Longines Grosser Preis von Baden


The Longines Spirit collection is designed in the same manner as the timepieces of the famous pioneers as they conquered the air, land and sea relying on their Longines time instruments. Legendary aviators and explorers like Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith and Howard Hughes put their trust in the winged hourglass brand on their incredible journeys. Today, Longines presents new timepieces that are a testimony to their pioneering spirit. A glowing tribute to these exceptional men and women who, by a record, an accomplishment or a display of courage, have left their mark on history - encouraging new generations to push the boundaries. All models from the Longines Spirit collection come with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in highly accurate movements that are all Chronometer-certified.

Barney Roy; 2020; Longines Grosser Preis von Baden