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Dear Partners,
This guideline will support you in your first steps with Longines Warranty App

Longines Warranty App

1. Download "Longines Warranty"

Download it with the smartphone(s)/tablet(s) you want to use in your store to activate the warranties

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2. Open the Longines Warranty App & pair it with your store

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3. Longines Warranty App - Home page

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4. How to register a transaction: sale or return

Please remind you that only blue warranty cards can be used. Old grey version are not authorized anymore. If you still have old cards, please contact your local sales team to process the exchange.

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3 different types of cards existing:

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If a mistake is made when filling in the card, it should not be corrected on the card. A new, blank warranty card must be used. The card that contains an error should be returned to your local Longines office (or HQ). This is also valid when a customer returns a watch, after making the return in the application, the card must be sent back to Longines. A card already used cannot be activated a second time. You can always request a blank warranty card to be exchanged with a unusable card.

5. Scan History

With these views, you have a vision of what has been already sent with success. Pending transactions are due to offline mode and can be send as soon as your device is connected to internet. On the top right corner, you have a button if you wish export all transactions per email for your records.

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