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What is it about ?

Longines Warranty App is the tool to be used by the sales staff in the stores. To be functional, the Longines Warranty App requires to be "paired" to a store by scanning a QR code. This QR code is unique for each store.

Longines Warranty App

This app works for phones and tablets, iOS and Android. With it, the sales staff will be able to register during the sales ceremony in the store, all sales or returns and activate the warranty.


Is the web application each Longines Official Retailers needs to manage the Longines Warranty App. It is into RIS that each store can find its unique QR code to be used with Longines Warranty App. One RIS account is necessary per retailer and must be handled by the store manager (if retailers have multi doors, a QR code for each store must be created). The RIS account is created with the support of Longines Subsidiary (or Longines HQ for agents). RIS allows as well as the Longines Warranty App, to activate the warranty, report the sales or returns manually (unit by unit or using an excel files for "mass" up-load).