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Dressage competitions; Longines Balve Optimum 2020
Longines Balve Optimum

Last weekend, Longines was proud to be the Title Partner, Official Watch and Official Timekeeper of the Longines Balve Optimum 2020. The equestrian competition takes place every summer since 1948 in the German town of Balve. This year, the dressage event was held from September 18 to 20.


On Sunday, Isabell Werth won the Grand Prix with 90.825%, followed by Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (89.35%) and Dorothee Schneider (81.6%).  


The Longines Balve Optimum 2020 was a great opportunity for the brand to highlight its Official Watch, a model from The Longines Master Collection. Powered by a new self-winding movement developed exclusively for Longines, this timepiece is characterized by a moon phase indicator and a refined aesthetic, creating a balance between technical excellence and classic elegance.

바니 로이(Barney Roy); 2020년; 론진 그랑프리 바덴
홀스 레이싱
론진 그랑프리 바덴

9월 13일 이페자임(Iffezheim) 레이스코스에서 열린 론진 그랑프리 바덴의 공식 파트너이자 타임키퍼인 론진은 코뮈니케(Comminique)와 토르콰토르 탓소(Torquator Tasso)를 제치고 바니 로이(Barney Roy)와 기수 제임스 도일(James Doyle)이 우승한 경주를 비롯한 11개 경기에서 시간을 측정했습니다. 대회의 타이틀 파트너이자 공식 타임키퍼인 론진은 바니 로이 우승팀에게 우아한 타임피스를 수여하였습니다.


론진 스피릿: 제 148회 론진 그랑프리 바덴의 공식 시계


론진 스피릿 컬렉션은 론진 제품에 의지하여 하늘, 땅, 바다를 누볐던 저명한 선구자들의 타임피스와 동일한 방식의 디자인을 자랑합니다. 아멜리아 에어하트(Amelia Earhart), 폴 에밀 빅토르(Paul-Emile Victor), 엘리노어 스미스(Elinor Smith), 하워드 휴즈(Howard Hughes)는 날개 달린 모래시계 브랜드, 론진의 시계에 의지하여 놀라운 여정을 떠났습니다. 이제, 론진은 그들의 선구자 정신을 증명하는 새로운 타임피스를 선보입니다. 이는 기록, 성취, 대담성을 증명하며 역사에 족적을 남기고 다음 세대 또한 한계를 뛰어넘을 수 있도록 용기를 주는 뛰어난 사람들에게 보내는 눈부신 헌사입니다. 론진 스피릿 컬렉션의 모든 모델은 최첨단 기술로 제작되어, 모두 크로노미터 인증을 받은 고도로 정확한 무브먼트를 갖추고 있습니다.

Gregory Wathelet; Nevados S; Global Champions Grand Prix of Valkenswaard 2020
CSI5* Valkenswaard

As the Official Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Tops International Arena, Longines was proud to time the victory of Gregory Wathelet on his super-charged grey stallion Nevados S in this weekend’s highlight competition, the GC Grand Prix of Valkenswaard. The brand was also delighted to grant the winner with an elegant timepiece to celebrate his great performance.

This weekend of intense competition was the perfect occasion for Longines to present the Official Watch of the event, a model from the new Longines Spirit collection. This collection is designed in the same manner as the timepieces of the famous pioneers as they conquered the air, land and sea relying on their Longines time instruments. Legendary aviators and explorers like Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith and Howard Hughes put their trust in the winged hourglass brand on their incredible journeys. Today, Longines presents new timepieces that are a testimony to their pioneering spirit. A glowing tribute to these exceptional men and women who, by a record, an accomplishment or a display of courage, have left their mark on history - encouraging new generations to push the boundaries. All models from the Longines Spirit collection come with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in highly accurate movements that are all Chronometer-certified.

Swiss Championships Jumping Elite
Swiss Jumping Championship Elite presented by Longines

The Final of the Swiss Jumping Championship Elite was held on September 5th in Humlikon in the context of the CSI Humlikon of which the Swiss watchbrand Longines is the Presenting Partner and Official Watch. Climax of the Longines Championship Series, the Final gathered Switzerland's best riders. Longines Friend of the Brand Bryan Balsiger and Aks Courage jumped to victory ahead of Niklaus Schurtenberger on Ouincassi, second and Martin Fuchs on Stalando, third. Bryan Balsiger was granted an elegant Longines timepiece from the hands of Christophe Jeanneret, Swiss Market Brand Manager.


In 2019, the Swiss watchmaking brand based In St. Imier became the Main Partner of the Swiss Equestrian Federation and its discipline of Show Jumping, thus enhancing Longines' commitment to equestrian sports on a national level. As part of this agreement, the Swiss watchmaking brand lends its name to the series "Longines Championship Series" comprising all national qualifiers for the Swiss Jumping Championship Elite.

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