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Longines FEI Jumping European Championships



Europe’s pre-eminent riders secured victories at the Longines FEI Jumping European Championship 2021

As part of its long-term contribution to equestrian sports, Longines was honored to take part in the revered Longines FEI Jumping European Championship for five days of phenomenal competitions that drew gasps from the crowd in Riesenbeck, Germany. The focal point of the Longines FEI Jumping European Championship Team Final on Friday was undoubtedly the triumph of the winner – Team Switzerland consisting of Longines’ Friend of the Brand Bryan Balsiger on AK’s Courage, Elian Baumann on Campari Z, Martin Fuchs on Leone Jei and Steve Guerdat on Albfuehren’s Maddox. With their confidence and determination, Team Switzerland set the bar high and beat Team Germany and Team Belgium who came in second and third, bringing unmissable drama to the stadium where emotions were running high in the mesmerized crowd. The competition was concluded with the extraordinary achievements of all three teams who prevailed with their precision and excellence, the same values that Longines holds dear in its watchmaking. On this occasion, elegant Longines timepieces were presented to Team Switzerland to support inspiring and outstanding riders who continuously strive for excellence in a sport steeped in tradition and prestige.

On Sunday 5 September, Longines reinforced its unwavering commitment to equestrian sports by supporting the top riders vying for success at the Longines FEI Jumping European Championship Individual Final. Andre Thieme on DSP Chakaria stole the limelight of the day by emerging at the forefront of the victory and taking gold at a competition that required the rider-and-horse combinations the supreme level of precision and courage. Martin Fuchs on Leone Jei and Peder Fredricson on Catch Me Not S confirmed their second and third place respectively by pushing to their very limits and displaying their determination in exceling at a competition that tested their superior skills.  To support the foremost riders who have proved their passion and elegance with their peerless performances in show jumping, Vice President Marketing of Longines, Matthieu Baumgartner, rewarded Andre Thieme with a Longines timepiece on this occasion for his remarkable achievement.

This time, Longines was privileged to present the Official Watch, a brand new moonphase model for women from The Longines Master Collection. A byword for elegance, character and purity, this refined timepiece of The Longines Master Collection is both feminine and technical, showcasing the brand’s success of incorporating the aesthetic codes and watchmaking complications into one meticulously designed creation. With its captivating radiance and technical sophistication, this timepiece continues the brand’s pursuit of classic elegance and high performance.

Longines FEI Jumping European Championship 2021; Jumping; 2021