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Longines officially presents its new Conquest V.H.P. and launches the first leg of the Longines Masters

December 04, 2017

Longines has chosen the first day of the Longines Masters of Paris for the French launch of its new timepiece, the Conquest V.H.P “Very High Precision”. The Swiss watchmaking brand unveiled this model representing a new achievement in the field of quartz in its Boutique located at the Faubourg Saint-Honoré. This exceptional timepiece combines great precision, high technicality and a sporty look, marked by the brand’s unique elegance. Equipped with an exclusive movement renowned for its high degree of precision for an analog watch (± 5 s/yr) and its ability to reset its hands after an impact or exposure to a magnetic field, using the GPD (gear position detection) system, the Conquest V.H.P. has thus positioned itself as the standard-bearer of extreme precision.

The Swiss watchmaking brand and its partner EEM have also seized this opportunity to launch the Longines Masters season III, which starts today with the first leg held in Paris. This event combines unparalleled glamour with top-tier equestrian performance, bringing together the world’s best horse riders for four days of fierce competition. In addition, to celebrate the beginning of the serie – of which Longines is the Title Partner and the Official Timekeeper – Grégory Wathelet, great winner of the Longines Grand Prix 2016, was invited to defend his title by bringing the trophy of the competition, which will be held on Sunday 3 December 2017 at the Parc des Expositions in Paris Nord Villepinte. Among the invited guests, Longines was honored to receive its Ambassador of Elegance, Swiss rider Jane Richard as well as Luciana Diniz and Philippe Rozier, all three of them participating in the Longines Masters of Paris.

In addition to the Longines Grand Prix, the winged hourglass brand has the pleasure to lend its name to another highlight competition of the weekend: the Longines Speed Challenge on Friday night – with Longines Ambassador of Elegance Chi Ling Lin attending. Besides, Longines is for the first time, the Founding Partner of the Riders Masters Cup, an innovative show-jumping competition that pits the two major equestrian powers, the United States against Europe, against each other in a never before seen transatlantic battle.

Conquest V.H.P.; first leg; the Longines Masters


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