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Longines welcomes its Ambassador of Elegance Jung Woo-Sung to Saint-Imier

December 19, 2019

On Tuesday, December 10, Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung visited the company’s headquarters in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. On this special day, the Korean superstar and Longines Ambassador of Elegance since 2018, had the opportunity to explore the production workshops and to go through the complex process of creating a watch.


Following its introduction to watchmaking, Jung Woo-Sung had the chance to discover the company’s Museum and its treasures, which encompasses the long and rich history of the winged-hourglass brand, since its inception in 1832.


Delighted to dive into the universe of Longines, Jung Woo-Sung said: “I was much honored to discover the brand’s headquarters and birthplace in Saint-Imier. Throughout this visit, I had the chance to marvel the company’s fascinating history, as well as the skillful work of Longines’ watchmakers.”

Longines welcomes its Ambassador of Elegance Jung Woo-Sung to Saint-Imier; Saint-Imier; 2019


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