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watches Diving

Renowned for its extremely reliable instrument watches, Longines has been putting its expertise at the service of divers since the late 1950s. The brand introduced its first civilian diver’s watch in 1958, and went on to develop many more models of this kind. Longines continued the story with the timepieces from its “Diving” pillar, taking on the aesthetic codes and drawing inspiration from the technical requirements of the discipline.


Founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, the famous Swiss watch brand Longines can boast a long tradition characterised by the elegance and performance of its products. Those values are perfectly represented by The Longines Sport Collection. The HydroConquest line is dedicated to men and women looking for a high performance timepiece that combines technical innovation and elegance. Longines now extends this line with new models in bright colours.

Diving Longines Hydroconquest collection

The Longines Legend Diver Watch

A reinterpretation of a 1960s diver watch, The Longines Legend Diver occupies a special place in the brand’s Heritage segment. Symbolic of the rich heritage of Longines, this range has gradually expanded over the years. All models retain the spirit and clean lines of the original timepiece, while being equipped with up-to-date technical features. Contemporary yet steeped in history, it will beyond a doubt play its own part in the story of a legendary watch that’s a well-known, well-loved collector’s piece.

Diving Longines Legend Diver collection