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History  of my watch

History of my watch

Since 1867, Longines has meticulously preserved the historical information relating to the serial number of each of its timepieces.

Certificate of authenticity

A "Certificate of authenticity" bearing the original signature of our President, can be issued if the timepiece is authenticated by one of our watchmakers.   Please note that you will be redirected to our Swiss international website in English.

CHF 300.00 | Make a request
certificate left

Extract from the archives

An "Extract from the archives" printed on official Longines paper, which includes the information kept in the Longines archives, will only be provided for timepieces more than 10 years old. Please note that you will be redirected to our Swiss international website in English.

CHF 120.00 | Make a request
extract right

Estimated Delivery Time

Certificate of Authenticity

3 months + shipping time

Extract from the Archives

4 to 5 weeks + shipping time

1. An Extract from the archives does by no means certify the authenticity of the timepiece or its components. 

2. The Certificate of authenticity attests to the condition of the watch at the time of delivery to Longines. Longines accepts no responsibility for the Certificate of authenticity should any component of the watch be subsequently altered.

3. If you need to open the case of your watch to access any required information, we strongly advise against doing so yourself, and invite you to use the services of a professional watchmaker.

4. The right of withdrawal does not apply to orders of a Certificate of authenticity or an Extract from the archives.

5. Longines does not provide an estimate of the current value of an antique watch. The value depends on fluctuations in the antiques market, the nature of supply and demand, the state of conservation and functioning of the watch and many other criteria that require the advice of a specialist.