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Customer Service

Longines precision

Longines PrecisionYour timepiece reflects an expertise steeped in Tradition, Elegance and Performance. Endowed with a high technical know-how and expertise, our expert watchmakers work all over the world.​

From the most recent to the oldest pieces, from the simplest to the most complicated movements, from steel to jewelled watches, we take care of the timepieces entrusted to us with skill and care.​

Our know-how in video


A full service restores the function and aesthetic aspect of your watch. It includes a disassembly and a replacement of worn components inside the movement.​


Every ancient watch has a unique story and a priceless sentimental value for its owner. Your precious watch deserves the best possible service, so that its story lives on to the next generation.


Your watch is more than just an accessory. It represents a precious heritage of memories and special moments. Over the years it may suffer the ravages of time, but you can be sure that our jewelers will restore it to its former glory.


Polishing can restore the original shine to a watch which has been worn for some time.
    A specialist watchmaker analyzes the reason for which the watch has been submitted for maintenance and identifies the watch from its unique serial number.
    Case disassembly
    Disassembly of the case and its components (glass, back, bezel, various seals, etc.) and separation of the movement.
    Movement disassembly
    Full part-by-part disassembly of the movement.
    Case polishing
    Polishing of the case to restore the original lustre to a watch which has been worn for some time.
    Case cleaning
    Cleaning of the case in special baths used for ultrasound treatment.
    Preparing the components of the movement for cleaning
    Each component of the disassembled movement is placed in containers specific to small watch parts.
    Movement cleaning
    These containers are in turn placed in specific baths inside an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
    Case reassembly
    Reassembly of the case and replacement of the necessary components (glass, pushers, tube, seals, etc.).
    Movement reassembly
    Reassembly and oiling of movement to Longines specifications.
    Installation of case and movement
    Assembly of movement (including dial and hands) in the case and complete reassembly of the watch.
    Technical and cosmetic checks
    Final technical (precision, power reserve, water resistance) and cosmetic checks on the watch, according to Longines specifications.