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Dear Partners,
This guideline will support you to import many transactions (sale or return) at the same time, with an excel file.

Connection to RIS

1. Go to RIS: https://ris.swatchgroup.biz

section 2 1

2. Select: Customer (.biz)

section 2 2

3. Sign in

section 2 3

Data Import view

1. Process to import transactions by file

1.1. Click on "Data import" button

1.2. Select by file

1.3. Download the Sales template file

section 3 1

2. Sales template file

The Sales template file has 2 tabs: "Sales upload" and "help".

The tab "Sales upload" contains 3 examples of transactions, please DELETE them and replace it with your transactions.

section 3 2

The tab "help" describes all columns present on the sales template file.

section 3 3

3. Upload and result

After filling in the sales template file, please upload it on RIS

section 3 4

If the process to import the file worked well, you will see the following message.

section 3 5

If an error occured during the process, an error message appears with all information to correct in the sales import file.

section 3 6