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Bracelet en cuir beige mat L682164334

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165,00 €

Longines Bracelet en cuir beige mat  Bracelet - L682164334

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165,00 €

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19.00 mm 21.00 mm 22.00 mm
Cuir de veau
Cuir de veau
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      Longines Bracelet en cuir beige mat Bracelet - L682164334

      One watch, multiple possibilities

      So much more than a simple accessory, the strap is an integral part of your timepiece. What's more, Longines also offers a selection of straps that allow you to personalise your watch and express your style according to your desires. Looking for a more sporty allure, a subtle hint of sophistication or even a vintage touch? The large variety of materials and colours available easily adapt to every desire and style. Perfect for any occasion and always elegant, take your pick and add a little bit of style to your wrist!


      One watch, multiple possibilities

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